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Small Cell Lung Cancer is not for everyone, it makes up only 10% – 15% of all Lung Cancers

SCLC is rare. It tends to start in the middle of the lungs and often grows quickly spreading to other parts of the body.

If this blog helps people to get the conversation going…then it is all good!

From my observations, there does not appear to be much in the way of support, forums, etc for those with Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC).
With due respect, it is all about Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate and Colon Cancer, etc in terms of support mechanisms and fundraising.


This blog is my personal account of having being diagnosed and subsequently being treated for and living with Stage IV Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC).

It is unfiltered and may offend some readers and perhaps provide some laughs to others.

Either way I make no apologies –
it is what it is.

You can choose to read and add comment or not; and if it helps to get the conversation happening and encourages other people who are dealing with SCLC then it is all good…it will be what it will be!

Oncologists don’t have a sense of humour…

Stage IV lung cancer is the most advanced stage of lung cancer.
In stage 4, the cancer has spread (metastasised) to both lungs, the area around the lungs, or distant organs. In my case it metastasised to the Liver.

I know the cancer will eventually take my life so I figure I take the piss out of it while I can…like when I told the Oncologist that Mr Government had sent me the Bowel Cancer Test after my 1st Treatment and I suggested that I might not be too concerned about that test, he responded with “Hmmm, I would probably wait a week or two for that”.

Or during a later session when we were discussing excersise to help with fatigue and I told him that I walk regularly except when the weather is too hot and of course Sandy (my wife) added “but when we do I make sure Neil wears a broad brimmed hat to help prevent getting skin cancer” – the ongologist responed with “he could use sunscreen”…we told him we were taking the piss, you know…what difference is that going to make at this point (I know it’s different as is Bowel Cancer, that is not the point) all we got was a wry smile. 

with no prior symptoms…at all whatsoever 

How do you tell family and friends you have Stage IV SCLC? 

Started December 29, 2019.

The Journey

Woke up in the morning and mentioned to my wife Sandy that my chest felt a bit tight and I had a little difficulty breathing 

Final confirmation January 9, 2020.

The Diagnosis

The PET Scan showed the centre of my lungs, the bronchial tree and an area on my liver was lit up like a Xmas Tree 

Treatment began January 14, 2020.

Life After

The Oncologist said I was elligible to participate in an Immunotherapy Trial in conjunction with Chemo…if interested


Lung Cancer – WTF !

I suspect hitting a brick wall in excess of 100MPH (I know…old school) would be less life changing

This Blog

is a living document about my cancer experience in relation to the following…

The Journey

details how it all came about

The Diagnosis

was an incidental finding

Life After

will be what it will be

CT Scan Song

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Life After – December 2021

Cancer, COVID-19, Omicron, WTF… As if it is not enough to be concerned with compromised immune systems, trying to ensure that …
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it is what it is, there is no point winging about it, it is just a matter of getting on with life (or what’s left of it) by having the appropriate treatments and maintaining a positive outlook

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