Life After – June 2021

COVID-19 Immunisation as well!

01/06/2021 (Tuesday) – Woke in the wee hours this morning choking on bile…again. Had a bit of a coughing fit and washed out my mouth/throat and fortunately, was able to get back to sleep. PN.

Feel OK this morning, still no headache. Walked up to the Hackham Shops and back again (3.2km round trip according to Google Maps) and yep…buggered afterwards.

02/06/2021 (Wednesday) – Slept OK last night. PN. No Headache (WOW – four days in a row without a headache, that’s a first in over 17 months).

Sandy and I had our first COVID-19 Immunisation today (AstraZeneca) – 12 weeks wait for the second Jab.

COVID-19 certainly doesn’t help when battling cancer and trying to make the most out of life…it is what it is, we get immunised follow the rules and get on with life

03/06/2021 (Thursday) – Slept OK but woke up extremely tired and with a weird headache.
Took Panadol and went back to sleep until around 09:30hrs. PN. Felt a lot better when I got up but do not feel like doing much today.

Sandy suffered with a sore arm at the injection site, huge weird headache, sore limbs/body and fatigued.

04/06/2021 (Friday) – Slept OK. PN. Feel a lot better today. Effects from the AstraZeneca Jab not too noticeable today. Sandy is feeling a lot better as well.
Walked to the Hackham Shops and back again…along the Parkway. The walk tires me out but I need to keep everything working!

05/06/2021 (Saturday) – Slept OK. PN. Feel OK today, but woke up with my left-hand tingling – pins and needles all over my fingers and thumb…more so than usual??? Weird shit keeps happening…WTF!

06/06/2021 (Sunday) – Slept OK. PN. Feel OK today.
Went for a walk along the parkway towards Flaxmill Road, crossed over and made our way to the wetlands between Marston Drive and Martin Road. Who would’ve thunk…Wetlands in the middle of suburbia, a great walkway has been set up to allow people to wander around the little “lakes”.

Had a rest to catch my breath opposite one of the Wetlands lakes and continued onto the Brodie Road Café and Takeaway, turned down Brodie Road which also bridges the Christie Creek and walked back up on the opposite side of the wetlands.

Wetlands – Lake. Very peaceful in the urban jungle

All up the walk was around 4km. Had to have a rest stop on the way back.

Will do that walk again, apart from my body not being able to regulate itself (hot/cold) it was very enjoyable and Biggles got to investigate a bunch of new snifty areas.

07/06/2021 (Monday) – Slept OK. PN. Feel OK. Left hand still tingling.

08/06/2021 (Tuesday) – Slept OK. PN. Feel OK today.

09/06/2021 (Wednesday) – Slept OK. PN. Feel OK except for a slight stomach-ache.

10/06/2021 (Thursday) – Slept OK. PN. Headache is back – bugger! Feel OK other than that.
Went for a shorter walk up to Beach Road along the Parkway to maintain some exercise.

11/06/2021 (Friday) – Slept OK. PN. Headache.
Logan flew into Adelaide last night to pay a surprise visit. He is staying at Iris’ place, Sandy and I went over this afternoon to catch up with them both.

Logan showed us some of the creative stuff he has been doing with dance…the videos are very impressive (the choice of music, his choreography the dancers and the mixing of the content), so proud of what he is doing and achieving.
It was really good to see him.

12/06/2021 (Saturday) – Slept OK. PN. Headache. Felt a bit flat today.
Had blood tests this morning with an additional Haemoglobin test done to check for Iron Levels…depending on the results I may need an intravenous top-up.

Went for a walk around the Wetlands/Christies Creek and had a coffee at the Brodie Road Café.

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