Life After – April 2021

Getting on with life!

001/04/2021 (Thursday) – Slept OK but still feel like I have not slept. PN. Headache persists.
Looks like this month is going to be the start of the first month of the rest of our life, our house is sold, we are seeking temporary accommodation for 14 to 18 months, we have signed off on our new house at Encounter Bay, the latest results from my CT Scans are very positive and I have some meaningful work to do…it’s all good.

The only down side is all the stuff you have to do when moving and once again most of that will be down to Sandy, she really likes to have all her ducks in a row and apparently I just get in the way.

Seriously Sandy is such a gem, she just gets on with it and is still able to maintain her sense of humour…I don’t know how she does it!

Particularly as I am basically no help at all..

02/04/2021 (Friday) – Feel a bit shit today had difficulty sleeping last night. PN. Headache.

Still looking for somewhere to live…

I still hate house hunting…

All applications for rentals is done on line now – what a head fuck, some of the application web sites are crap you have to supply copies of Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Drivers Licences, Passports, Medicare, Job Statements, Pay Advice, Car Registrations, etc, etc…

and you cannot opt not to, or the site does not allow you to progress your request.

Fuck me, you’d think we were applying to live in Buckingham Palace or for a massive loan, not just wanting to rent modest accommodation somewhere for 14 to 18 months or so.

Get this!

Says it all!

Sandy submitted our information with all the requisite documentation to one of the on-line applications and within seconds of completion I received an email from them as the “other party” wishing to rent and bugger me I had no option other than to submit the same information over again, and guess what…within seconds of me completing the request, Sandy received and email as the “other party” and she then had to submit the same information again, obviously their system is fucked, it just keeps looping.

You would think that the people who develop on-line applications would realise that married couples wanting to rent accommodation would pretty much have the same reasons for wanting to rent, same evidence as to who they are, have the same pets, same vehicles, etc.

No wonder people get the shits and give up…un-fucking believable!

Continued with SWI development.

03/04/2021 (Saturday) – Feel a bit more shit and very tired this morning. PN. Headache. Chest feels tight when breathing.
SWI development continues.

04/04/2021 (Sunday) – Feel reasonable today. PN. Headache. Chest still feels tight when breathing.
Reviewing current assessment requirements for RIINHB312D Conduct Raise Boring and RIINHB302 Conduct Reaming including performance criteria, etc.

05/04/2021 (Monday) – Feel OK today. PN. Headache.
Had lunch at Jeff and Kylie’s, enjoyed the afternoon catching up with them and the boys.
Did some research on the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) to validate occupational outcomes for qualifications undertaken by personnel training in jobs requiring specific skill sets.

06/04/2021 (Tuesday) – Feel reasonable but very tired this morning. PN. Headache. Chest feels tight when breathing.
Continue with the SWI development, workbooks and training modules

07/04/2021 (Wednesday) – Feel OK this morning. PN. Headache.
Consult with GP this morning re: COVID 19 Vaccination and Influenza jab – had the Flu jab and cannot have COVID 19 Vaccination for at least 15 days, however I have to discuss the vaccination with my Oncologist on Tuesday to ensure there is no conflict between the AstraZeneca and the Immunotherapy Drugs.

08/04/2021 (Thursday) – Feel OK this morning. PN. Headache is worse today.
Looking at another rental property this afternoon (the Landlords/Owners choose who they will have as tenants, not the Real Estate Agents). We have been knocked back on all our applications so far.

Starting to worry us big-time. As we will be homeless when our house sale settles next month.

There must have been 20-25 couples went through the rental property while we were there, people lined up in the front yard out onto the footpath…unbelievable!

09/04/2021 (Friday) – Woke with a sore chest and severe headache this morning. PN. Sore throat and tightness in the chest.

This about how we feel in relation to the rental market

Looking at another rental this afternoon…same as yesterday heaps of other couples looking as well.
Honestly didn’t think it would be so difficult to get a rental.

10/04/2021 (Saturday) – Feel reasonable today. PN. Chest still feels tight.
Out looking at rentals again today, dropped in to see James and the girls (Sydnee and Isla) on the way home…boy they have grown somewhat since we last saw them. Both little cuties.

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