Life After – February 2021

Beating the odds – Ha!

01/02/2021 (Monday) – Feel OK today. PN. Headache. Cough – what can I say!

Going back to Julia’s place for lunch and then to Jane and David’s for dinner.
Seems all we are doing is bouncing from sister to sister to eat and chat…feeling fatter! 

02/02/2021 (Tuesday) – Feel OK today. PN. Headache. Cough still.
Julia’s for lunch and dinner, obviously spending time over the last few days with Jane and Julia (two of my sisters). It was nice to catch up and spend some quality time together. 

03/02/2021 (Wednesday) – Feel OK today. PN. Headache. Cough continues.
Driving home to Christies Beach today. Uneventful trip, took our time driving via Penola, Naracoorte down to Kingston S.E. though the Coorong to Meningie across to Strathalbyn and home. Enjoyed the drive.

It was nice to catch up and spend some quality time with two of my sisters

04/02/2021 (Thursday) – Feel OK today a bit tired though. PN. Headache. Slept well last night but woke to a really nasty coughing fit, the cough has changed again, really dry and difficult to stop once started – difficulty  catching my breath.

Went to pick up Biggles from the kennels, have to say he was rather glad to see Sandy judging by the way his tail moved side-to-side when he saw her, funny as, given his tail doesn’t wag like a normal dog.
I felt very ordinary during the evening.
The Biglet slept all day and evening, he obviously stays up carousing all night when in the kennels.

05/02/2021 (Friday) – Feel OK today a bit tired though. PN. Headache. Slept well last night only had a couple of small chesty coughs to contend with.
No walk today given it was absolutely pissing down and blowing a gale.

06/02/2021 (Saturday) – Feel very ordinary today. PN. Massive Headache. Had a shit night. Woke throughout the night coughing. Took Ventolin. Sore throat, ribs and back from coughing so much…so over it.
Have an appoitment with Dr Vinod Aiyappan on Thursday next (11/02/2021) hopefully he may be able to shed some light on why this friggin cough is so persistent

Dinner with Debbie and Phil tonight at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel (the Gov) and then across the road to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to watch the Basketball Game (Adelaide 36ERS v Sydney Kings). First time to a full on National Basketball League (NBL) Game…Enjoyed the game but the 36ERS lost – Bugger!

07/02/2021 (Sunday) – Feel a bit better today. PN. Headache. Woke a couple of times through the night coughing…again – no wonder I feel so knackered through the day.
Went for walk with Sandy and Biggles along the Esplanade, struggled a bit as we got nearer to home, still, have to try and maintain some form of fitness.

08/02/2021 (Monday) – Feel tired today. PN. Headache. Woke through the night coughing…seems to be the norm.
Pre-consult blood tests today. Daily walk along Esplanade with Sandy and Biggles…done! Felt pretty ordinary during the evening.

09/02/2021 (Tuesday) – Feel tired today. PN were more intense during the night, took antihistamine to try and relieve. Headache. Coughing through the night was a little less severe but the fucking ants (Formication) made it difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep, have taken an antihistamine to relieve.

Consult with Dr Roy this morning…he suggested that I take Ordine (as prescribed) to help reduce the “tickle” that starts the coughing.
Had Cycle 19 of Immunotherapy Treatment – felt pretty rubbish for the rest of the day.

Drugs, Drugs and more Drugs

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