Life After – February 2021

10/02/2021 (Wednesday) – Feel fatigued today. PN. Took Ordine last night – seemed to reduce the need to cough which resulted in getting to and having a better nights sleep. Not feeling the best today.

11/02/2021 (Thursday) – Feel like shit-on-a-stick. PN. Headache. Coughing fit this morning.
Consult with Lung Specialist this afternoon – Dr Aiyappan has prescribed a bunch of more powerful drugs and a nasal spray for me to take for a month, and requires a Full Function Lung Test including Spirometry Test and CT Scan of my Lungs to be done prior to next consult on March 25 to see what we will see…

Spent a few hours developing some WHS related documentation in consultation with Westimage Pty Ltd for a third party.

12/02/2021 (Friday) – Feel better today. PN. Headache. Cough still persistent albeit not so bad.
Did the obligatory walk along the Esplanade with Sandy and Biggles – had a cappuccino in the seating area at the Esplanade end of Beach Road then walked home.
Did some more work for Westimage Pty Ltd which kept me occupied for most of the day

13/02/2021 (Saturday) – Feel absolutly knackered today. PN. Massive Headache. Woke up several times during the night felt like I was coughing my insides out (the cough has changed again…more towards the bottom of the lungs and sort of wet as apposed to dry).

I am taking the “new” drugs and nasal spray as prescribed, but I am not feeling the love…Yet!

14/02/2021 (Sunday) – Still  feel knackered today. PN. Headache not as bad. Woke up thoughout the night coughing badly…makes it hard to catch your breath – have a couple of Atrovent (Inhaler) puffs and a swig of Duro-Tuss Cough Liquid, sit on the side of the bed for about 15 minutes to ease breathing and then lie back down and try to get back to sleep.
Spent a few hours updating documents for Westimage Pty Ltd.

15/02/2021 (Monday) – Still  feel tired today. PN. Headache continues. Woke up during the night coughing, but not as bad – took some Atrovent and went back to sleep. Did not wake up this morning coughing my insides out which was a relief…good start to the day.
Did some more work for Westimage Pty Ltd.

Had a photo shoot during the evening with Lauren Lunn Photography…Sandy and I didn’t have any descent pictures of ourselves together – problem solved!.

On the balcony with the love of my life

17/02/2021 (Wednesday) – Slept OK but felt absolutly crap when I woke up, still had stomach ache. Visited the loo in a hurry and then had first breakfast. Still have PNs (Formication). Friggin Headache.
Went back to bed after second breakfast and re-surfaced about 12:35hrs feeling a little better.

Downloaded all the photos from Lauren Lunn Photography today.

18/02/2021 (Thursday) – Slept OK and felt a lot better this morning. PNs still. Headache still. Cough seems to have eased, thank goodness!
Updated an Audit document for Westimage Pty Ltd. Began working on a raise-boring KPI spreadsheet. 

19/02/2021 (Friday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PNs still. Headache still. Coughing has definitely eased.
Walked along the Esplanade and back today – bit of a struggle the last 500m.
Did some more work on the KPI spreadsheet.

20/02/2021 (Saturday) – Slept OK. Feel a lot better today. PNs still. Headache still. No Cough…Oh Yeah!!!
Still finessing the KPI Spreadsheet – looking Good.

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