Life After – February 2021

21/02/2021 (Sunday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN. Headache. No Cough…All good!
Biggles took Sandy and me for a walk along the Esplanade today, it was a bit fresh due to a cold sea breeze.

22/02/2021 (Monday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN. Headache. No Cough…All good!
Did the daily walk up Gulfview Road to Dyson, turned right and made our way back home. There is a slight incline in the road going up to Dyson Rd, pre-cancer wouldn’t notice it – today it is a struggle…unbelievable the difference. 

23/02/2021 (Tuesday) – Slept OK. PN-Standard now-a-days. Headache. No Cough. 

24/02/2021 (Wednesday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN. Headache. No Cough.
Podiatrist appointment today and consult with Dr Clarke…had a discussion relating to my current status and on going treatment, etc; and organised the paperwork for a MedicAlert Bracelet to notify first responders to my medical condition and on-going need for Hydrocortisone (steroid) and my “Do Not Resuscitate” request.
Walked along the Esplanade with Biggles and Sandy.

25/02/2021 (Thursday) – Slept well. Feel pretty good. PN. Headache.
Did the Esplanade again today, got to keep the exercise up.

26/02/2021 (Friday) – Slept well. Feel pretty good. PN. Headache.
Our house is being photographed today and having a video done in preparation for advertising its sale.

Unfortunately my income protection insurance ends when I turn 70 (I guess insurance companies don’t think people are able to work once they turn 70 ergo no more payment) consequently the motgage payments will not be sustainable.
So we are looking to down-size into a single storey with no mortgage.
At least I will have peace of mind knowing Sandy will have a roof over her head and not have to worry about paying a mortgage.

Biggles took me for a walk today.

27/02/2021 (Saturday) – Slept well. Feeling OK. PN. Headache. Starting to look at alternative housing.
Dropped into Debbie and Phil’s on the way back home to see how Debbie was travelling after here recent medical procedure…all good and no nasty surprises, thank goodness.

The Bigglet (Biggles)

Rang Dallas to wish her a Happy Birthday and give her an update on my current status.

28/02/2021 (Sunday) – Had a good sleep only woke once. Feel OK. PN. No Headache this morning…Yay!
Did the Esplanade walk. Had a look at another potential house for transitioning to.

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