Life After – July 2021

Cancer be fucked! Now the fun starts…

01/07/2021 (Thursday) – Slept OK. PN. FS. Headache. Feel a bit flat.

Signed off on the Encounter Bay house plans yesterday…Now! – just have to get it built.

Cancer be fucked!…now the fun starts with selections (bricks, tiles, carpet, cabinetry, lights, tap-ware, cooktop, oven, dishwasher and etc) for the build. Hopefully the COVID 19 Pandemic won’t delay the construction.

Warm willy day tomorrow – Can’t wait.

02/07/2021 (Friday) – Slept OK. PN. FS. Headache. Up early for another CT Scan at Flinders Private Hospital…results on Tuesday at consult with Oncologist.

I have to say, waiting to see the results from each CT Scan (the outcome determines whether treatment continues or not) makes me a little tense, given the reality is that I’m living from one CT Scan to another; and at this stage I’m told that I have exceeded all expectations in my response to the Immunotherapy, having had 25 cycles I am writing the records relating to this particular trial (26th on Tuesday – all things being equal).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fatalist, I have a very positive attitude in relation to living with SCLC…but in the back of my mind I know that when the CT Scan shows I am no longer responding to the treatment, by law the treatment has to stop…ergo! Tense – just a bit…but hey I’ve got a house to build with my good lady wife – Sandy; and the next part of the journey has only just begun…

03/07/2021 (Saturday) – Slept OK. PN. FS. Headache. Feeling reasonable today.
went for a walk with Sandy and Biggles along the Parkway to the IGA at Hackham West and home again.
Doesn’t get any easier but one has to try and get some form of exercise.

04/07/2021 (Sunday) – Slept OK. PN. FS. Headache.
Had severe chest pain (Reflux?) this afternoon and again in the late evening took additional Pantoprazole Sandoz and it eased the pain.
Headache became more intense through the day so additional Panadol was the go and of course not to be left out the friggin “ants” decided to have a dance around throughout the day and night…I’m so happy, happy. NOT!
Bloods tomorrow – can’t wait.

05/07/2021 (Monday) – Slept OK. PN. FS. No Headache.
Went for blood tests today, the nurse needs to learn how to take bloods…2 attempts. 1st hurt like hell.
Was still sore when I got home – muttermuttermutter!

/07/2021 (Tuesday) – Slept OK. PN. FS. No Headache.
Dr Roy said my bloods were all good. Results from the CT Scan were good – The disease is looking stable, Lesions on the Lymph Nodes have mostly reduced by a couple of millimetres, and the Liver is still clear.

He also made a comment in relation to the fluctuation in measured size of the Lesions and will only be concerned if there is a differential of around 30mm as the size may fluctuate at a lesser level
ie between 5mm – 20mm.

Other than that…all good. Treatment continues next Cycle on July 27.

Lesions in Lungs – Stable, in Bronchial – Reducing

07/07/2021 (Wednesday) – Slept OK. PN. FS. Headache. Felt like shit-on-a-stick this morning, didn’t arise until after 10:30hrs. Felt a little better when I got up.
Picked up my new glasses from OPSM – I can see clearer now…

08/07/2021 (Thursday) – Slept OK. PN. FS. Headache. Feel a lot better today.
Back to work… workbooks and training modules for Westimage Pty Ltd.

09/07/2021 (Friday) – Slept OK. PN. FS. Headache. Head down bum up…Into it Pete 🙂

10/07/2021 (Saturday) – Woke during the night wanting to spew – covered my mouth with my hand to stop the brown-black bile from escaping and rushed to the loo let it loose.
Washed my mouth out and rinsed with mouthwash (in the bathroom) to try and get rid of that horrible acidic taste in my nose and throat…didn’t help much! Had difficulty getting back to sleep.
PN. FS. Have headache and feel like shit-on-a-stick. Felt pretty flat most of the day.

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