Life After – April 2020

No more Chemotherapy…WooHoo!

02/04/2020 (Thursday) – Dumped more of my life’s work and reference books into the rubbish today.
06/04/2020 (Monday) – Bloods done at Noarlunga Pathology so Dr Roy can determine what cocktail is needed for the 5th Chemo-Immunotherapy Cycle tomorrow.
I wore a mask today when having blood work done, it was interesting to see that some other patients wore masks, yet others did not and those that did not looked at those who did with disdain.

07/04/2020 (Tuesday) – Attend Dr Roy’s office to find out results of Bloods and CT Scan. 
I also asked the nurses about the Phlebitis as it is still visable in part in my lower arm and was told that it happens occassionaly and should resolve itself over time. Sandy and I met with Dr Roy to review blood tests and CT Scan for Brain, Neck, Chest, Abdomen to check ongoing effectiveness of treatment. Dr Roy told us that the Bronchial tumours had reduced and the Lungs and Liver tumours were stable, however hemoglobin is low…probably explains the light-headedness the other day.

Consequently he has changed my ongoing treatment to a regime of Immunotherapy only, every 21 days (three weeks) starting from today. 
No more Chemotherapy…WooHoo!

Hopefully some of the weird side effects will cease.
The Immunotherapy cycles will continue add-infinitum at this stage.

08/04/2020 (Wednesday) – Woke with a relatively clear head and no headache this morning for the first time in weeks. Beard has gone…all facial hair has disappeared, not as handsome as I once was, even found a freckle on my upper lip I didn’t know I had – Sandy thought it was dirt and tried to rub it off.
I cannot remember the last time I was beardless.


09/04/2020 (Thursday) – Woke with no headache and a clear head again this morning but unfortunately had a headache throughout the day. Took Panadol in the morning and again prior to bed.

Went for a walk with Sandy and Biggles (the dog – a Basenji) and was absolutley knackered when I got home, I was lagging behind during the walk, Biggles kept stopping to wait for me, usually we wait for him whilst he has a sniff or tries to squeeze out a pee or take a dump.

The fucking ants were back with a vengance during the night (was multi-tasking whilst sitting to wiz I was rubbing my legs, back and face trying to get the ants to piss off – did not help at all).

10/04/2020 (Friday) – Woke with a headache again.
The “sit/stand” desk arrived so I set up the laptop, docking station and monitors today for working from home…All working well.
Feeling pretty knackered today so might look at doing some “work” tomorrow.

11/04/2020 (Saturday) – No headache. Did about five hours of work today on the Hancock Agriculture Induction.

12/04/2020 (Sunday) – Bad headache. Friggin Ants kept me awake during the night stomping around, really driving me nuts. The little fuckers are still at it this morning and throughout the day, I try very hard to ignor them but it does not help much…


Biggles – he is different 🙂
The Sit-Stand-Desk (adjusts for height as required)

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