Life After – April 2020

13/04/2020 (Monday) – Headache still, not so bad today. Friggin Ants woke me during the night stomping around…again – fuckers!

4/04/2020 (Tuesday) – Headache still, not only are the Ants still running around, I shat the bed as well…and didn’t even realise it – Bugger! I think it was during a coughing fit.
Not a good thing and very embarassing.
Will have to ensure my bum faces the wall or my wife could be in deep shit…pun intended.

Sandy and I had Flu and Pneumonia Jab at Christies Beach Clinic (I hate injections)

15/04/2020 (Wednesday) – Bad headache, sore arm from injections.
Had a really crappy night as the Ants are still giving me grief – wanted to tear my skin off at times.
Keep waking during the night and rub my hands over the affected body part to try and sooth the area…doesn’t really help.
Feel sorry for Sandy as I’m sure I keep waking her up with all my fidgeting.

Felt like shit on a stick most of the day and worse in the evening. Massive headache-took more Panadol prior to going to bed.

16/04/2020 (Thursday) – Headache, Ants still running around (not quite as bad), arm feels a lot better (not quite as sore). Slept a bit better last night.

Have to have the Flu and Pneumonia Injection
Formication (not fornication) a real symptom

17/04/2020 (Friday) – Headache, Ants still giving me the shits. Keep waking because of the feeling.
I feel sorry for Sandy, she is not responding to the Flu and Pneumonia shots very well…sore arm, swelling in the arm pit and knuckles, sore bones, really bad headaches, etc. – I wish there was something I could do to relieve the side effects for her. It really pains me to see her suffering with this.

HR Manager from Hancock Agriculture sent though a “new” Employment Agreement for Kidman & Co Pty Ltd for me to review and sign to put me on their books as a casual as apposed to staying on HPPL books. It looks OK. Section 5.1(b) – Travel, Section 5.3 – Location and Item 8 needed to be ammended prior to me signing off on the agreement…waiting on a response from HR.

18/04/2020 (Saturday) – Headache, Ants same-same. Sandy is starting to feel a little better from her reaction to the Flu shots.

19/04/2020 (Sunday) – Headache, Pins and Needles (PN) Ants same-same. I’m thinking the Atezolizumab (Immunotherapy) is causing the constant PN-Ants.

20/04/2020 (Monday) – Headache, PN these two side effects remain constant, as does the sore throat, it just wears you down so much…I am so over the constant fucking headaches and “marching ants”.

21/04/2020 (Tuesday) – Headache, PN – what can I say

22/04/2020 (Wednesday) – Headache, PN…I’m so lucky! Lucky, Fucking Lucky
HR Manager from Hancock Agriculture had the Employment Agreement for Kidman & Co Pty Ltd ammended as per above and sent it through for me to sign…which I did and emailed it back to HR.

23/04/2020 (Thursday) – Headache worse today, PN, Dry coughing this morning and throughout the day. Headache got worse in the evening. Took more Panadol prior to bed.
Spoke with the HR Manager for about an hour this morning to ensure we are all singing off the same page re: work ability and expectations ie being able to work on an “as can” basis and performing general WHS duties like ensuring the WHS metrics are current and sent out to the applicable stakeholders, reviewing policies/procedures and developing the Work Health and Safety Management Plan (WHSMP), etc – All good.
Did about five hours work today putting together a Scope of Work (SOW) for a Learning Management System (LMS).

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