Life After – April 2020

Given I had not received any communication from the Cancer Council SA in relation to the email I received in response to the sharing of my story on their web site (February 18, 2020), I wrote the following:

To whom it may concern,
I have to say that I am very disappointed with the Cancer Council SA’s response to my “sharing”.

It took a long time for me to decide whether or not to share my story and when I did, I received the email below sent to me on February 18, today it is April 29 and I am still waiting for “someone” from you team to be in touch.

I guess you didn’t stipulate which “coming weeks”, so I suppose I shouldn’t expect anyone to be in touch too soon.
But having said that I don’t really care…anymore.

I don’t need the cancer council to help me inspire others to support your work towards a cancer free future, specifically as your web site appears to be all about how users can fund your organisation, with one page dedicated to cancer sufferers “stories” and not much more.

Neil Ringshaw

Copy of email from the Cancer Council of SA

Interestingly enough I still have not received any response from the Cancer Council SA – I certainly expected some sort of response.
Some of you may think that my email is a bit emotional and not right…and I say to you – check it out for yourself…

In my view, the Cancer Council SA web site is all about making money for the council and what you can do to help them do that.

The advice (other than the booklets) provided by them on line in my opinion is very vanilla – in other words not that inspiring for me as a person who has Stage IV SCLC.

30/04/2020 (Thursday) – Slight Headache again, PN but didn’t wake during the night which is good.

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