Life After – August 2020

My young brother Wayne is a Hero…Go Figure!

01/08/2020 (Saturday) – Headache, Sore throat. 
Back to Victor Harbour today to have a look at some blocks – looking at Hindmash Island as well – had a look and Hindmarsh Island is off the table. No ammenities available i.e. where can you get a descent cappacino.
Seriously you would have to go into Goolwa as the closest town, just for basics.

02/08/2020 (Sunday) – Headache, Sore throat. Didn’t do much today, tidied up the Risk Register, looks good – all done and dusted. Cough is getting wet (phlegmy) as apposed to dry.

03/08/2020 (Monday) – Headache, Sore throat. Cough is still phlegmy and becoming more pronounced, as in more often and harsher. Did some research into web hosting as I want to move my web site from my current host “Site 5” as their service has been getting worse and worse ever since they were bought out by another company.
I have been with them for over 15 years and I have now given up trying to get them to rectify the three minor issues that I have had in that time. So they can go fuck themselves. 

Dr Roy called and informed Sandy and me that the CT Scan showed there was no change in tumour size; they are stable at this stage and he re-enforced the use of the Salbutamol to help reduce the frequency and intensity of the coughing; and ease breathing

04/08/2020 (Tuesday) – Headache, Sore throat. Phlegmy cough. Back onto the Blog today, feel like I need to get it finished enough to put on-line given it has been six months or so in the making – so far. Feel like shit on a stick today.

05/08/2020 (Wednesday) – Headache, Sore throat. Phlegmy cough is still persistant. Lungs feel sore.
Continued getting the Blog up-to-date.

06/08/2020 (Thursday) – Bad Headache, Sore throat. Phlegmy cough ongoing. Getting close to finishing the Blog to-date. Just have to get my web hosting provider sorted, load up the Blog and we are ON-LINE. Headache persisted all day today, Panadol for breakfast, lunch, dinner and prior to bed. I’m sure the blood suckers will be drawing down pure paracetamol when they do my bloods tomorrow.

SCLC Blog under construction

07/08/2020 (Friday) – Headache, Sore throat. Cough. Blood tests today-Cannot wait!
Rang Nancy and Mark (old friends in Sydney) and told them I have Stage IV SCLC as Sandy and I did not want them to hear or see the news from a third party source.
Still finessing the Blog, making sure pages are linked correctly and all that sort of stuff.

08/08/2020 (Saturday) – Headache, Sore throat. Cough. Not full of the joys of Spring today!
Started to get the web site hosting sorted and continued to finess the Blog.

09/08/2020 (Sunday) – Headache, Sore throat. Cough.
WooHooFooFoo! Good start to the day.
Continued finessing the Blog, setting menus and links, slugs, categories and stuff like that.

10/08/2020 (Monday) – Headache, Sore throat. Cough. 
My website “” and  both Sandy’s and my email accounts have been moved over onto our new hosting platform “Green Geeks”. They were excellent with their assistance to get everything up and running.
All good.

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