Life After – August 2020

11/08/2020 (Tuesday) – Headache, Sore throat. Cough. Met with Dr Roy today at 09:45hrs and discussed my wellbeing i.e. cough, colds, sore holes.
He said my bloods were good (what ever that means) I told him that I am wheezing more when I breathe, coughing is more prevalent and phlegmy (no lumps or blood, just like a clear mucus) and really fatigued after a walk.
He listened to my chest and said that it sounded as he would expect it to sound given I have cancer (both Sandy and I said to each other and that means what???) however Dr Roy ordered a CT Scan immediately to have my lungs scanned and gave me a prescription for a Ventolin Puffer to use 3-4 times daily.
I then went down for my Immunotherapy treatment…always fun-NOT!

So after filling in the mandatory paperwork at the Ongology reception I go into the treatment room and have my Observations (blood pressure, temperature, etc) done and then get told that the Immunotherapy Drug has not arrived and won’t be there until 12:00hrs, meawhile the CT Scan had been made available for 12:00hrs.
So I went back to the foyer by 10:30hrs and waited for an hour and a half with Sandy prior to going in for the scan.

When I get in and am on the CT Scan “bed” starting the process, the Barium and iodine-based contrast dye (a white, ‘radio-opaque’ powder that is visible with X-rays – the contrast agent is injected through a vein to enhance an MRI scan to highlight any abnormalities in the lungs, etc,) intravenous line burst and squirted the stuff all over the back of my neck.
So the attendants re-jigged everything, re-mixed the dye and had another go.

Wow talk about a warm willy, apparantly the faster the dye enters the blood stream the warmer the willy.  
Any way it was all good that time – the intravenous line.

Contrast Dye to Identify Lung Abnormalities

Then it was back up to the Oncology department for my Immunotherapy treatment. Didn’t get away from the hospital until 13:30hrs.
Dr Roy will be calling me with the results of the scan as soon as he gets them…more waiting, honestly it is that that gives me the right royal shits, you aren’t informed about what is suspected or not; and again you just wait trying not to think the worst until you are contacted with the outcome of the test or scan.

12/08/2020 (Wednesday) – Headache, Sore throat. Cough. Sandy purchased a Pulse Oximeter for me to use, it measures Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate.
Started using the Amsol (Salbutamol) Inhaler today to reduce coughing.
Dr Roy called and informed Sandy and me that the CT Scan showed there was no change in tumour size; they are stable at this stage and he re-enforced the use of the Salbutamol to help reduce the frequency and intensity of the coughing and ease breathing, so all good at this stage.

Did some work for Hancock Agriculture today – Updated the WHS Metrics for Kidman and Co and produced the EOM WHS Reports for July.
Gave the HA WHS Advisor a copy of the Risk/Hazard Register I developed for him to enter the risks identified associated with Hancock Agriculture that have been identified.

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