Life After – December 2020

So far so good!

01/12/2020 (Tuesday) Feel OK today. A little tired and woke with a headache again.
Continued to update WHS training media.
02/12/2020 (Wednesday) – Feel OK today, no headache so far. Went for a walk along the Esplanade again and yes, Sandy and Biggles came too, in fact they took me.

Hancock Agriculture picked up their screens, computer, stand-up-desk and other periferals…and so ends that chapter.

03/12/2020 (Thursday) – Feel OK today. The Esplanade walks are helping regain some form of fitness after suffering from muscle atrophy whilst being unwell and in hospital last month. I have to rebuild muscle all over.

04/12/2020 (Friday) – Feel OK today. Blood test day today, pre-Immunotherapy next Tuesday. Sister Jane and her partner David dropped in for a coffee and we went to Sunisa’s Thai Restaurant, which is over the road from our place, for dinner. Sandy had checked out the reviews on line and they were very good – all I can say is…what a dissapointment.
Our entrée and meals were not good, food was luke warm, chicken was dry as, the fish cakes were not, the green curry was a bowl of green beans, etc. I certainly don’t recommend going there.
However the company was good. 

This time in 2019 I was looking forward to having a great 2020…who would have thunk.
Still here – being treated for Stage IV SCLC and navigating the COVID 19 measures, roll on 2021

05/12/2020 (Saturday) – Feel a bit weird today…headache, sore bones in forearms. Feel tired-fatigued.
Didn’t do much today apart from a bit of reading.

06/12/2020 (Sunday) – Feeling OK today. Weather is crap – very windy, overcast, rain not conducive for taking a walk. Read a bit and did a few crossword puzzles.

07/12/2020 (Monday) – Feel OK. Shitty weather again, so no walk today. More reading and crosswords.

08/12/2020 (Tuesday) – Feeling OK. Sandy and I had our consult with my Oncologist this morning and Dr Roy said the bloods are good, Cortisol was up and he asked about the schedule that Dr Saranaplala had given me, we told Dr Roy that I was taking one tablet in the morning and a half tablet in the evening as prescribed; and that we had an appointment with Dr Saranapala on January 18 to re-assess that schedule.
Dr Roy re-affirmed that I would be on the Hydrocortisone for the rest of my life.

Immunotherapy helps the T-Cells attack the Cancer Cells

Having a CT Scan on Monday December 14 to identify how the cancer has responded to the Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy Treatments; and we will have a consult on December 15 with Dr Roy to discuss the outcomes of the Scan. At this stage I will be having Cycle 17 Immunotherapy on December 29.

Had Cycle 16 Immunotherapy today. Weather was OK so Sandy, Biggles and I went for our walk along the Esplanade again.

09/12/2020 (Wednesday) – Feel OK. Headache and chest pain came on while having breakfast. Took some Panadol to relieve headache, chest pain resolved itself.
Did some more Cossword Puzzles. Had afternoon exercise – walking the dog.

10/12/2020 (Thursday) – Feel OK. Woke with a headache…bugger, more Panadol. Walked to the local shopping centre (Woolworths) on Beach Road and waited outside with Biggles while Sandy did some shopping. Exercise – Done.

11/12/2020 (Friday) – Feel OK. Chest pain came on while having breakfast – chest pain resolved itself within 15 minutes. Walked along Esplanade with Sandy and Biggles for exercise.
During the evening the Chest Pain/Reflux returned along with a shitty headache. Took some Panadol and some Pantoprazole Sandoz to combat the reflux to reduce chest pain which worked over time – thankfully. 

12/12/2020 (Saturday) – Feel OK. Woke up with Pins and Needles (PN) all over (Fucking Ants are back) took some Loratadine – relief for PN (Ants).

2 thoughts on “Life After – December 2020”

  1. Hello my friend
    Really appreciate the blog it’s
    Truly inspiring … nothing pushes Neil R around ….without you pushing back 👍

    Glad your gettin out and about

    Your as tough as nails mate

    Truly proud of you

    Call You tomorrow to chat

    1. Thanks Clint,
      Just saying it like it is. I have to say though, it is hard at times.
      But it is what it is and you manage it, I’m just so thankful to Sandy, she’s the tough one…

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