Life After – February 2020

Shit! I can’t remember the last time we spoke

04/02/2020 (Tuesday) Treatment Cycle 2. Sandy and I met with Dr Roy to review blood tests to determine/modify Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy cocktails. He ordered a MRI Brain Scan as a result of my constant headaches (may not have identified cancer in prior scan) and CT Scan to review effectiveness or otherwise of Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy.
Wrote script for Pantoprazole Sandoz to try and reduce chest pain (like heartburn) 1 tablet 20mins prior to breakfast..

Renewed script for Spiriva Respirator – inhalant to help bronchial air flow.

17/02/2020 (Monday) – Out of the blue, Melanie (one of my younger sisters) sends a text to me “Hi Neil, It’s been a while! How are you? All well I hope…” etc.

I am sure one of my other sisters had spoken to her and told her about my condition, after all why would she (Melanie) contact me given we haven’t spoken for well over – Shit! I can’t remember the last time we spoke.

Regardless I did call and we discussed my situation and I’ll just leave it at that.

Just couldn’t help myself,
don’t know if he got it but I would have loved to have seen the look on his face

18/02/2020 (Tuesday) – I had checked out the Cancer Council SA web site several times since being diagnosed, for obvious reasons, and had specifically visited the “forums” and what I found was the majority are from Breast Cancer sufferers, which is great, however there is very little from men. So after some considerable self deliberation and discussion with Sandy, we agreed that I should “share” my story.

Consequently I attempted to share it on line as guided by the Cancer Council SA web site. My first attempt the council’s web site totally screwed the formatting and I wasn’t sure that it went anywhere so I tried again and it appeared to be sent to wherever the documents go and I received the email below:

Thank you for supporting Cancer Council SA by choosing to share your story.
By sharing your story, you are helping to inspire others and more importantly, support our work towards a cancer free future.
Someone from our team will be in touch in the coming weeks to discuss sharing your story. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact our Public Relations team direct on 08 8291 4119 or email
Once again, thank you for supporting us as we work towards a cancer free future
Cancer Council SA Public Relations Team.

20/02/2020 (Thursday) – Today I started to throw out my life…Documents and media I had designed and developed, projects I had worked on, reference material, investigations completed, etc.

I know that sounds pretty harsh but that is what it felt like.
You don’t ever imagine that all the stuff you have achieved or done actually amounts to nothing at the end of the day.

It’s just stuff you need to get rid of before you go…to save others having to do it when your gone.

Copy of email from Cancer Council SA
Files and documents for disposal

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