Life After – January 2020

How do you tell your family (children) and friends that you have Stage IV SCLC? 

We didn’t for a number of days given the emotional rollercoster Sandy and I were on – coming to terms with it ourselves and the fact that I didn’t particularly want to tell anybody else whilst I was in hospital…and as always happens, the one person you don’t want to know (for some fucked-up only in our universe reason) inadvertantly, turns out to be the first one to be told…go figure; and on top of that the first person in my family that was told is my second eldest sister Iris with whom I have had a strained relationship, to say the least.

Having said that, I figured that Iris would have a better understanding of where we were at, given she had lost her husband Dan to cancer around 15 years ago. I was right Iris was very matter of fact in her response but also compassionate, which was good, Sandy and I have caught up with Iris over coffee again since…it is indeed a strange world we live in.

Sandy had told our friends Deb and Phil…they were devestated to say the least, however I was thankful that Sandy had contacted them as their friendship goes back years and I know that they will be very supportive for Sandy – and I am very grateful for that!
We have seen them a few times since and both Deb and Phil have been great…good company, we enjoy the visits and carry on as usual no doom and gloom – updates as required and then move on to brighter topics, as we should.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) Scanner

As of February 16, 2020 I had had two Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Cycles, another MRI Brain Scan and another CT Scan of the upper abdomen, pelvis and neck to be discussed at the commencement of my scheduled third treatment cycle due on the 25/02/2020 with the fourth scheduled for 21 days later…Can’t wait!

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