Life After – January 2021

Hello 2021!

01/01/2021 (Friday) Welcomed in the new year with Sandy and Biggles this year as apposed to being in hospital like last NYE.
Slept OK last night woke with a Headache this morning. Ants continue to give me the right royal shits.
Cough is not going away – bugger!…Hello 2021.

02/01/2021 (Saturday) – Feel tired today. PN. Woke with a Headache. Cough kept waking me through the night. Took Ventolin to try and get some respite so I could sleep – it worked!
Went for a walk this morning before it got too hot.

Had dinner at the Portobello Restaurant in New Port with Debbie and Phil. Would definitely go again – great food and good service…the Gnocchi Romana was excellent.

Sandy and I returned home a little discombobulated – to say we were somewhat disappointed with the news is a massive understatement

03/01/2021 (Sunday) Feel OK today. PN. Had lunch at Agathas Restaurant in Port Noarlunga with Jeff, Kylie and the boys which resulted in a very pleasant couple of hours.
Felt a bit shit late in the afternoon and took some Ventolin in the evening and again prior to bed to help stop coughing…didn’t help too much! 

04/01/2021 (Monday) – Feel all right today. PN. Took Ventolin this afternoon and before bed to get relief from coughing during the night – didn’t work!
Walked up Gulfview Road to Dyson Road again because of the windy weather, turned right and weaved our way along the side streets back home again. I felt pretty buggered when we got home.

05/01/2021 (Tuesday) – Feel OK today. PN. Took Salbutamol (Ventolin) late afternoon and before bed to get relief from coughing during the night – worked!
Phone consult from Dr Roy today (during morning walk along the Esplanade), he confirmed the biopsy results and said he will organise another CT Scan due to my persistent coughing to see what is going on – prior to next Immunotherapy treatment.

06/01/2021 (Wednesday) – Feel a bit ordinary. PN. Headache. Cough.
Busy day today…Consult with Dr Clarke (GP) this morning at Christies Beach – after listening to my chest Dr. Clarke was not happy with the sounds from my lower left lung and organised a CT Scan to be done immediately.
Sandy and I drove down to the Flinders Private Hospital and I went straight in for the CT Scan (warm willy, warm willy, warm willy) the results were sent to Dr Clarke ASAP.

Back home for lunch and then off to Kikko Espresso at McLaren Vale around 14:00hrs for a Cappuccino and Cake with my sister Iris where Sandy and I met her partner Jonathan (nice guy from my observations), we had an enjoyable couple of hours chatting.
On the way home we recieved a call from Dr Clarke’s rooms informing us she had the results from the Scan and requested our attendance at her rooms…we continued home; and half hour later returned to the doctor’s rooms for the results.

Definitely NOT what I wanted to hear at the beginning of 2021

The results show that the lesions on the Lymph Nodes have increased in size…BUGGER!

The comparison CT Scan was from the last one I had on December 14, basically three weeks ago, just goes to show how fucking aggressive SCLC is…what can I say – it is what it is, not a lot I can do about it.

Dr Clarke prescribed Spiolto Respimat to replace the Spiriva Respimat I was on as it is stronger and may give better cough relief i.e. a solution for inhalation.

SCLC Extensive Stage IV – Fuck Cancer

Dr Clarke sent a copy of the outcomes and treatment to Dr Roy to see what his recommendations will be moving forward.

Sandy and I returned home a little discombobulated – to say we were somewhat disappointed with the news is a massive understatement.

07/01/2021 (Thursday) – Feel OK today. PN. Headache. Cough – still. Walked up to the local shopping centre at Christies Beach, good exercise for me but tough going.
Used new medication (Spiolto Respimat) plus Ventolin prior to bed but still woke during the night coughing.

08/01/2021 (Friday) – Feel OK today. PN. Cough. Didn’t really do much today, a couple of puzzles, crossword. Didn’t walk as it was too hot.

09/01/2021 (Saturday) – Feel OK today. PN. Headache. Cough – still. Walked along the Esplanade early this morning to beat the heat.

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