Life After – January 2021

10/01/2021 (Sunday) – Feel OK. PN. Headache. Cough – still annoying. Too hot to walk this morning.
Had a crappy night, kept coughing myself awake. Sat on the side of the bed during coughing fit (dry and wet) and took Ventolin to try to get respite from the cough and subsequently breathe easier.
This happened about five times throughout the night. If I lay on my left side I started to cough immediately so I would sit up again for five to 10 minutes to get breathing under control and try laying on my right side to get back to sleep…what a prick of a night.

11/01/2021 (Monday) – Feel knackered today due to disrupted sleep last night. PN. Bad Headache. Cough – still annoying.
Walked the Esplanade in the afternoon when the cool change came in, still buggered when I got home.

12/01/2021 (Tuesday) – Feel better today only woke once last night coughing and took Ventolin, sat for five or so minutes on the edge of the bed then got back into bed and slept through. PN. Bad Headache. Persistant cough.
Did my daily exercise – good old Esplanade walk.

13/01/2021 (Wednesday) – Feel like shit today. PN still only veryslight. Rotten Headache. Woke continuously last night coughing, must have used half the contents of the Ventolin trying to get some relief. Every time I laid down on my bed I started to cough – worse on my left side…thought I was going to drown with the amount of what sounded like fluid running around my lungs. When I am upright the coughing eases considerably.

It’s hard to maintain positivity – Fuck! Fuck! Faarrrrck! 

Went for walk along the Esplanade this morning and of course it was overcast and rained, given the forcast was supposed to be sunny and 26°C. What can I say! And of course it got to 28.3°C around 16:30hrs.

14/01/2021 (Thursday) – Feel tired today. PN. Headache. Took ORDINE (morphine hydrochloride trihydrate) in prescribed dose prior to bed last night which helped me get to sleep however I woke around 04:15hrs coughing my lungs up, took four or five puffs of Ventolin after coughing fits to aid respiration and help get back to sleep…sort of. One tends to lie in bed gurgling more so than breathing.

I feel for Sandy having to put up with my latest symptoms/effects…it makes me want to cry, I can’t begin to imagine what goes through her mind – she is so supportive and never complains but I know it pains her. I consider myself so lucky to have Sandy by my side, she is my brick.

Completed our walk with the Bigglet along the Esplanade and back.

15/01/2021 (Friday) – Feel rooted today. PN. Headache. Took ORDINE again prior to bed last night. Woke during the night coughing and with a bad stomach ache so went to the loo with a rather loose bowel (unusual to say the least). Could not lie down in my bed without coughing so propped myself upright (sitting) with a big pillow to try and sleep, needless to say I didn’t get much sleep apart from dozing.
Woke near dawn with a stomach ache again and made my way to the loo, had a coughing fit on the way and shat myself…lovely, down my legs as I left a trail to the loo. I had really bad diarrhea and of course coughing just helped immensely in the process of relieving my stomach ache.

An hour or so later  – more coughing, nearly falling asleep, having cleaned myself and the loo up; and the carpet, tried going back to bed without much success, so I just stayed up and started the day. Oh Joy!
The day didn’t get much better…was in and out of the loo around seven times during the afternoon and evening.

16/01/2021 (Saturday) – Feel pretty ordinary today. PN. Headache. Actually slept lying down until I visited the loo during the night with the runs and again early this morning – diarrhea when coughing (not a good look) and spent over an hour on the loo.
Broke into a profuse sweat for over 15 minutes and felt like I was going to pass out. Sweat was pouring out of me and I don’t know why, couldn’t get off the loo with fear of messing the floor…there I was naked to the world – cold but hot??? Go figure.
Was eventually able to clean myself up and make my way back to the bedroom. Used the Spiolto Respimat inhaler, took a couple of Panadol and a Loperamide tablet to try and decrease the frequency of the runs and had a coffee.

My day had started and it didn’t get much better. Today the loo was my office.

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