Life After – January 2021

17/01/2021 (Sunday) – Feel very ordinary today. PN. Headache. Still have the runs…WTF?
I cannot work out what is causing the diarrhea (other than life is really giving me the shits lately).
Diet hasn’t changed. Haven’t been anywhere to get a bug. So pissed off! Not game to go for a walk today.

18/01/2021 (Monday) – Feel very tired today. PN. Headache. Still have the runs, so over visiting the loo throughout the night and coughing my insides out.

Bloods this morning and then CT Scan, another “warm willy” day.
Consult with Dr Manodi Saranapala (Endocrinologist) this afternoon – looks like I stay on the Hydrocortisone, treating for adrenal deficiency…“steroids” for life, have to get a MedicAlert bracelet identifying the fact.

19/01/2021 (Tuesday) – Feel OK today. PN. Headache. Looks like the diarrhea has abated – thank fuck!

Consult with Dr Roy today discussed CT Scan results which indicated the mediastinal nodes are stable (comparison was made between 18/09/2020, 06/01/2021 and 18/01/2021) subsequently Immunotherapy treatment will continue with Cycle 18 today.
We discussed my cough and Dr Roy is not convinced that it is cancer related per say (i.e. cancer progressing).

Another Warm Willy Day – CT Scan

Dr Roy thought the cough may be induced by the mediastinal nodes and recommended I continue with the inhalants (Ventolin, etc) in addition to taking a cough medicine. He was going to contact Dr Vinod Aiyappan (Lung Specialist that initially diagnosed my cancer) re: the cough, to get a 2nd opinion in relation to possible treatment.

20/01/2021 (Wednesday) – Feel a bit shit today. PN. Headache. Still taking the Spiolto Respimat first thing in the morning and taking Ventolin through a spacer and have now purchased Senega & Ammonia for relief of chesty cough to see if it will help releive the cough. 10mm-20mm every 4  hours as required…will see how it goes.
Went for early morning walk to avoid the heat.

21/01/2021 (Thursday) – Feel better today. PN. Headache. Woke about 06:00hrs, coughed my insides out and had breakfast (Panadol, Spiolto Respimat, Ventolin inhaler (through a spacer), Senega & Ammonia, and a coffee) tried lying down again but started coughing so I got up, abluted and had 2nd breakfast (Orange Juice, small bowl of Yogurt, bowl of Cornflakes,  Hydrocortisone tablet, Vitamin B, D and Magnesium.
Out along the Esplanade by 08:30hrs before the heat sets in and Biggles collapsing on the way home.

22/01/2021 (Friday) – Feel OK today. PN. Headache. Woke a few times through the night and around 06:30hrs coughing, didn’t seem to be quite as bad as it has been…maybe the Senega is helping.
Early morning walk with the Bigglet and Sandy along the Esplanade and then off to to the grocery and vegtable shopping at Colonnades (my big day out).

23/01/2021 (Saturday) – Feel like shit-on-a-stick today, more shit than stick. PN. Bad Headache. Woke through the night and early this morning coughing.
No walk today – too hot. Disposition didn’t improve much through the day.

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