Life After – June 2020

08/06/2020 (Monday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN easing, Rash is not itchy. Felt a bit ordinary prior to bed.

09/06/2020 (Tuesday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN easing, Rash is permanent, but controlled with the QV Moisturiser.
Consult with Dr Roy today, he advised the bloods were fine and authorised Immunotherapy treatment for this morning and scheduled another CT Scan (Neck, Brain and CAP) for 25/06/2020 and will discuss results on the 30/06/2020 in his rooms prior to Cycle 9 treatment.

10/06/2020 (Wednesday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN-ants went for a run this morning, Rash OK.
Continued working on the Blog

11/06/2020 (Thursday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN-ants not so bad today, Rash OK.
Went for a walk along the esplanade with Sandy and Biggles. Had a cappacino while having a rest near Beach Road.
Did a bit more work on the blog. Head started to hurt during the evening, like an instant hit on the back/top of the head.

12/06/2020 (Friday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN-ants resting, Rash OK.
Went for a walk along the esplanade with Sandy and Biggles again. Feel rooted when walking up from the esplanade to home.
Started on the actual content of the Blog post content today.

13/06/2020 (Saturday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN-ants, Rash OK.
Had an appointment with the Dentist (6 monthly check-up and clean) but the Hygienist cancelled it because they could not guarantee safety re: COVID-19. However if I needed urgent treatment for whatever reason they said that if I called ahead they would put in place whatever was required to ensure my safety even if it meant a one-on-one session with no other personnel in the clinic – Pretty good of them I thought.
Bloody windy, wet and cold…will not be taking the Bigglet (Biggles the dog) for a walk.

14/06/2020 (Sunday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN-ants, Rash OK.
Biggles didn’t get a walk today either, the brass monkeys were out looking for the oxy/acetylene sets.
Re-registered my web domain name ( and registered a domain name for my blog ( Continued with updating the content today.

15/06/2020 (Monday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN not as bad, Rash OK. Had a really bad headache whilst having dinner, felt like I was hit in the back/top of head with a meat cleaver – hurt so much it made my eyes water.

16/06/2020 (Tuesday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN-going to stop taking the antihistamine (Loratadine) to see if the ants maintain their distance, Rash.
The HA WHS Advisor sent me a email informing me that he had updated the Hours and personnel numbers for the Hancock Agriculture WHS statistics. Subsequently I started to produce the WHS EOM Reports for the Stations and Feedlots and identified the metrics have been stuffed up. Will have to resolve those when producing each of the reports.

Peter Phelan (Manager of Westimage Pty Ltd) has requested Ringshaw Consulting perform a “peer review” of Barminco’s existing Rhino Raisebore risk management, operational and maintenance practices and make recommendations in line with:

  • statutory and legislation requirements
  • industry leading practice

He is also keen to see how Barminco management process stack up when comparing WA requirements to that of the other states?

Rhino 100 Raise Bore Rig

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