Life After – June 2020

17/06/2020 (Wednesday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN. Started to review the WHS documents for Barminco

18/06/2020 (Thursday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN. Documented the “Reference” documents sited in the Safety Management Plan (SMP) and requested them to be made available to review in context of the references in the SMP.

Took the SLK out for a spin to Victor Harbour and had lunch at the Victor Harbour Hotel (COVID-19 Protocols in place) and then had a coffee at Goolwa. Had a great day, it was so good to get out and about – with caution I hasten to add!

19/06/2020 (Friday) – NO Headache this morning only the 8th time since treatment started, Sore throat, PN.
WooHoo-FooFoo! Last night and this morning – smile on the dial.

The SLK (Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG)

Rectified the Hancock Agriculture WHS Metrics calculations, updated EOM data and produced the EOM WHS Reports for the Wagyu and Feedlots.

20/06/2020 (Saturday) – Headache is back – Bugger, Sore throat, PN. Worked on content for the Blog

21/06/2020 (Sunday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN. 
Sent an email to Cancer Council Australia reiterating the fact that I have still not received any communicatiion from the Cancer Council SA relating to previous communications from me, voicing my disappointment in an organisation that porports to do so much for cancer sufferers, I guess the stigma associated with lung cancer is more prevelant than I first suspected.
Did more work on my own SCLC Blog

22/06/2020 (Monday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN goosebumps all over, feel  bit ordinary this morning.
Reviewed MDG-1010 Minerals Industry Safety and Health Risk Management Guidelines prior to Reviewing Barminco SMP and associated Procedures.

Talked with Sandy about selling our house and moving, she felt it was all too raw in terms of looking for something that suited “us” when I may not be around in the very foreseeable future…and then what? I do get it.
Sandy should wait until I am not here to impact her descision making, so she is able to make descisions appropriate for her needs in getting on with living her life in the best way possible.
So we will stay put as long as we are able to meet the financial commitments i.e. mortgage, etc. and not worry about selling and moving particularly with the real estate climate as it is in the COVID-19 fall out.

I will start disposing the big boys toys – assets (the SLK 55 Mercedes AMG and the tricked up Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo particularly) based on the outcome of consultations (relating to my life expectancy) with Dr Roy so Sandy doesn’t have to worry about that stuff and obviously the money generated from the sales will go into the mortgage to hopefully reduce it enough to allow Sandy to manage it when I’m gone, stay put and not have to sell.

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