Life After – June 2020

23/06/2020 (Tuesday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN. Updated Hancock Agriculture WHS Metrics calculations, updated EOM data and produced the EOM WHS Reports for some of the Hancock and Kidman stations.

My sister Iris rang to see how I was travelling – had a nice conversation, appreciated the call.

24/06/2020 (Wednesday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN. Finished updating Hancock Agriculture WHS Metrics and provided some Motor Vehicle related policies and procedures for reference.

25/06/2020 (Thursday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN. Trip to Flinders Private Hospital for a Warm Willy Day (CT Scan) bugger! No breakfast.
Felt a bit ordinary this evening and kept getting a funny ache on the right side of my head. Felt like a heavy dose of pins and needles pushing into my head if it didn’t hurt so much it would have been funny.

26/06/2020 (Friday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN. Blood test day at Noarlunga Medical Centre. Another exciting trip out of home, wow! That’s two this week.
More work on the Blog. Felt like shit again today. Lower legs and ankles itchy as last night will put QV Moisterisor on them in the  morning.

27/06/2020 (Saturday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN. Off to visit Leah, Russell and the grandchildren (Izzy and Beau). Really enjoyed the visit, Izzy is such a character, funny as…and Beau what a strong little bugger he is, also a delight.
Nearly got out of bed in the wee hours to rip my legs/ankles off the ants and itchies were back with a vengance going to start taking the antihistamine again and slimeing myself with the QV Moisturising Cream…fuck, fuck, fuck Formication!

28/06/2020 (Sunday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN. Went to watch Jaylan playing footbal today, ensured social distancing was adheared to.
His team got thrashed – still it was the first game in the COVID-19 season.
Felt a bit lousy in the evening. Took Panadol, Antihistamine and applied the QV Moisturising Cream prior to going to bed.

29/06/2020 (Monday) – Headache (normal), Sore throat (normal), PN didn’t give me grief during the night…Arrhhh! Relief!
Did some more work for WestImage Pty Ltd today.

30/06/2020 (Tuesday) – Headache, Sore throat, PN. Sandy and I had a face-to-face consult with Dr Roy. He said the bloods are good, the tumours have reduced slightly with the tumour on the liver reducing the most. A good result.
So Immunotherapy will continue. Next treatment will be July 21.  It would appear that the Formication is caused by the Immunotherapy (bugger).
We asked Dr Roy how many of his clients had SCLC (only 5 apparently) and based on his experience with them and the trials what his prognosis would be.

He reaffirmed Immunotherapy is not a cure (we knew that) and he also said that response to the treatment was based on the individual (so not really committing himself – which is fair enough) but it seems that there is every chance the cancer will become immune to the treatment and it is a 3mth – 6mth time frame based on CT Scan results…so far so good.
Called my sister Julia to give her an update.

The Immunotherapy is supporting my life…so far

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