Life After – March 2020

18/03/2020 (Wednesday) – Went into the Flinders Private Hospital for Chemotherapy top-up this morning.

The Flinders Private Hospital only allowed people with appointments into the facility.
I had to complete a questionaire (have you been overseas in past seven days, etc, etc)…as if,
prior to being admitted into the Oncology Reception (waiting room for chemotherapy/immunotherapy treament).
Sandy was not allowed in and consequently not able to join me in the treatment room either, would have been nice to have been informed beforehand.
So COVID-19 is imposing many changes.
Hiccups came on around lunch time and continued until I went to bed. Headache started early evening.

19/03/2020 (Thursday) – More Chemo top-up this morning.
Saw Dr Colin Gallagher at Southcare Medical Centre to update him on my status and get the referral required for ongoing specialist treatment.

Stop COVID-19

20/03/2020 (Friday) – Sandy gets to give me the Pegfilgrastim injection again to aid in production of white blood cells. Felt like shit on a stick today, lightheaded, dozy as in spaced out and queasy.

21/03/2020 (Saturday) – The ants are back, albeit lightly so far (only wearing socks).

22/03/2020 (Sunday) – The ants are still here, felt like absolute shit today and spent most of the day in bed

24/03/2020 (Tuesday) – The ants have sneakers on.
Lower right arm has a pain along the vein where the IV was inserted for treament with slight swelling in the area – Phlebitis (inflammation of the vein) pain, redness, swelling, warmth, red streak along the vein, hardness of the IV site.
Chest pain like reflux came on during lunch and had a loose bowel (not diarrhea) in the afternoon.

25/03/2020 (Wednesday) – Finally got some clarification from the HR Manager at Hancock Agriculture in relation to my ongoing employment and work expectations…all good. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle so to speak. 

Could not believe it…tried to log on to my work computer and couldn’t, the system would not accept my password.
Contacted the IT department in Perth and spent nearly two hours on the phone with the IT gurus to backdoor and reset passwords and get connectivity, what a process.
Thankfully it was successful, now to get up-to-speed with the status quo.

28/03/2020 (Saturday) – The inflamation/swelling (Phlebitis) at the IV insertion area is diminishing.

29/03/2020 (Sunday) – Phlebitis has gone. Loose bowels this morning (not diarrhoea). Ants have hobnailed boots on and were rampant during the night (Saturday).
Lips copped it after dinner and hurt so much it made me cry.
I always thought I had a fairly high tolerance to pain but this shit brought tears to my eyes…I am so over this.

31/03/2020 (Tuesday) – Warm Willy Day…CT Scan at Flinders Private Hospital to check response to Chemotherapy – Brain, Chest, Abdomen, Neck.

Can’t wait – NOT!

Done – results to be discussed with Dr Roy on April 7th to determine treatment moving forward.

Phlebitis – Inflammation of the vein
CT Scanner at Flinders Private Hospital

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Went for a walk along the esplanade and on the way home started to feel light-headed (dizzy) on and off whilst walking.
The light-headedness is like when you stand up too fast and feel momentarily dizzy.
The feeling came and went throughout the afternoon and evening.

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