Life After – November 2020

Another BIG Shout-Out to SA Ambulance

Thank you once again guys for stabilising me and getting me to the Flinders Emergency Centre ASAP.

I’m not really trying to make a habit out of it!

A Huge Shout-Out to all the Nursing staff

Particularly those who looked after me in Room 449 on the Oncology Ward – Ward 4 South.

You people (nurses) are so compassionate, caring and considerate, nothing seems to be too much trouble for you, especially Rita (Night Shift), Jordan and Sanam (Day Shift).

You are all Angels – guys and girls; and you are all very special people in my opinion…Thank You!

In relation to the Caterers…have to say the food (when I kept it down) is presented so much better in Flinders Private Hospital. They say we eat with our eyes and it is true, more so in hospital I feel, if the food looks inviting – half the battle is won and when it actually tastes nice as well…what can I say.

The food was great and I just don’t understand why the Flinders Public Hospital can’t do the same – dumping ice cream scoops of disguised food on a plate went out in the seventies.

In my view, it would make so much difference to the patients.

The Front-Line Troops, A BIG Shout Out – Thank you!
Thank you to all the Nursing Staff who work out of the Oncology Wards
Scrambled Egg, Tomato and Mushroom – Absolutely Delicious!

15/11/2020 (Sunday) – Prescribed drugs still being taken and all is good. Feeling so much better. Sandy is off to the Gym for some respite, I just don’t know how to thank her – she never complains. I do love her so much!

16/11/2020 (Monday) – Prescribed drugs still being taken and all is good. Feeling better than I have in such a long time. Blood tests today, pre-Immunotherapy.

Sad day today…My specked-up Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo was sold – my last trip to hospital convinced me that I would probably not be able to take that last blast up the road. So I sold it to the local Harley Dealer (Harley Heaven – Adelaide).
Hopefully it will be on sold to someone who will dig it as much as I did…

Sold today – my Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo…SAD!

17/11/2020 (Tuesday) – Responding well to the Hydrocortisone (Steroids).
Sandy and I had a face-to-face consult with Dr Roy again today. He said the bloods are good, Cortisol was up to 45.5 (better than .5). 
We discussed my recent hospital stay and the results of the MRI, CT Scan and ECG…All good. 

We asked him what “Fluffy” was as he had said last time we met that the CT Scan showed that the Lymph Nodes/Bronchioles were fluffy due to the recent Radiation treatment had been given, Dr Roy said that he wasn’t sure whether it was due to inflammation, growth or something else. Either way it was caused by the Radiation giving the Immunotherapy a boost (Go Figure).
Apparently, given I am now continuing with Immunotherapy I have to ensure that if I suffer acute shortness of breath or difficulty breathing I must get to Hospital ASAP to get immediate treatment.

A CT Scan will be conducted after Immunotherapy cycle 16 in December. To compare with the most recent to identify what, if anything, has changed relating to the cancer tumours i.e. grown, stabilised or shrunk, to determine where-to-from-here re: Treatment.
Cycle 15 Immunotherapy Treatment today.

2 thoughts on “Life After – November 2020”

  1. Can’t explain to you buddy how good it was to speak to you today
    You are a hero to me champ
    Your also …..
    A mentor
    A (sometimes) stand-in father
    A colleague
    But most of all a friend
    Luv ya Neil

    1. Thank you Clint, it was good catching up and I have to say it is so heartwarming to see you doing so well.
      Keep doing what you are doing – and I’m a happy man.

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