Life After – November 2020

18/11/2020 (Wednesday) – Responding OK to the Steroids. Have been taking Maxalon prior to meals since being discharged from hospital to prevent me from throwing-up.
Took Maxalon prior to breakfast today and will stop taking it today to see if I need to or not i.e. if I don’t spew after meals…all good – here’s hoping!

19/11/2020 (Thursday) – Responding OK to the Steroids. NO Maxalon today…so far so good. 
Woke up tired this morning after getting up to have four wizzes during the night (seems to be the thing since being out of hospital 2-4 wizzes a night). Had a headache as well so went back to bed for a few hours. Felt much better having had a bit more sleep. 

Resigned my role of WHS Manager – Hancock Agriculture today.
Ringshaw Consulting is back open…working on an as-I-can, part-time basis.

20/11/2020 (Friday) – Feel reasonably good today, no nausea, no headache, only a little fatigued. All good! 
Have had responses from the applicable personnel at Hancock Agriculture relating to my resignation…they completely missed the point.

Ringshaw Consulting open for business
(albeit part-time)

21/11/2020 (Saturday) – Feel reasonably good today…bit ragged toward the end of the day, otherwise it was a good day.
Did a bit of work finessing some underground workplace audit/inspection documents for Westimage Pty Ltd.

22/11/2020 (Sunday) – Feel good today…Sandy and I dismantled my MS Windows/Office workstation and packed up the screens, computer, stand-up-desk and other peripherals today ready for Hancock Agriculture’s courier to pick up and return to them. Will be interesting to see how long it takes them to retrieve their equipment.
Started to get “niggly” headaches on the (R) back of my head throughout the afternoon evening (they would just come and go).
Had a nice walk along the esplanade the afternoon…getting better at walking.

23/11/2020 (Monday) – Feel good today…just a little bit flat.
Did some maintenance on my poor old Macbook Pro (last of the 17”) it is struggling. Keeping my self occupied by learning more about Pivot Tables and dashboards in MS Excel.

24/11/2020 (Tuesday) – Feel OK today…slight headache.
Had a call from another old friend and protégé today, Clint Hall ( Manager: Clinical Governance and Safety – Active Foundation ) so good just to chat – I have to say I miss the anecdotes and funny stories from his life experiences.
So good to see that Clint is making a difference in the WHS space…it’s all about behaviour based safety buddy!

25/11/2020 (Wednesday) – Feel a bit ordinary today…headache. Went for a walk along the Esplanade this morning before it got too hot, even though my walking pace is somewhat slower than the Bigglett’s, at least I don’t stop to sniff at every little thing and take numerous shits along the way.

Updated the audit/inspection documents for Westimage Pty Ltd.

26/11/2020 (Thursday) – Feel OK – a bit tired.
Went for a walk along the Esplanade again this morning.

Christies Beach Esplanade – toward Beach Road

Sorted a couple of issues with table and graph layout relating to outcomes of the Audit within the Audit documents…all good, tested OK.

27/11/2020 (Friday) – Feel OK apart from a headache this morning. Too hot for a walk today.
Liaised with Westimage Pty Ltd to ensure the MS Excel audit documents (ratings translating to graphs, etc) performed to requirements…All met expectations – Happy!
Produced a Raise Driller Training Pathway outlining the time frames and the Vocational Education and Training (VET) units of training required to take an individual from a novice to Drilling Manager for Westimage.

28/11/2020 (Saturday) – Feel OK apart from feeling tired. Went for a walk along the Esplanade again this afternoon while the cool change was coming in.
Spent most the day sorting files and or finessing a few spreadsheets on my Mac.

29/11/2020 (Sunday) – Feel OK apart from feeling a little fatigued. Slight headache. Walked along the Esplanade late afternoon to avoid the heat of the day.
Updated some MS Power Point presentations and associated documentation.

30/11/2020 (Monday) – Feel OK apart from a slight headache. Took the Bigglet for a walk along the Esplanade again.
Updating some of the electronic WHS training packages that I have developed.

2 thoughts on “Life After – November 2020”

  1. Can’t explain to you buddy how good it was to speak to you today
    You are a hero to me champ
    Your also …..
    A mentor
    A (sometimes) stand-in father
    A colleague
    But most of all a friend
    Luv ya Neil

    1. Thank you Clint, it was good catching up and I have to say it is so heartwarming to see you doing so well.
      Keep doing what you are doing – and I’m a happy man.

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