Life After – October 2020

This Doctor had in two minutes flat totally contradicted everything my Oncologist had told Sandy and me

1/10/2020 (Thursday) – Headache, Sore throat, Cough – sore stomach muscles. Feet and ankles still swollen. Aching limbs/fingers. Still feel very ordinary. No real appetite.
Attended Genesis Care at Flinders Private Hospital and had my first Radiotherapy Session. No effects from the radiation, all good.

2/10/2020 (Friday) 
Woke during the night, sat on side of bed totally disoriented – hot,  feverish and hallucinating.
Dropped back onto/into bed and passed out.

When I finally woke in the morning – had no idea where I was, feverish still, high temp. It was around 12:30hrs when Sandy took my temperature, it was 39.8°C consequently she called SA Ambulance.
When the SA Ambulance crew arrived they completed an observation check (Oxygen saturation which was 73%, temperature confirmed at 39.8°C, Blood pressure, etc). They gave me panodol intravenously, inserted a saline drip and provided Oxygen via nasal tubes, stabised me and transported me to Hospital.
Arrived at the Flinders Emergency Medical Centre Triage around 13:30hrs where more tests were undertaken (Blood Tests, ECG, etc).
I was even tested for COVID-19 due to my high temperature. I was stabilised and transferred to the AMU (Acute Medical Unit) around 19:30hrs where I continued to be treated and further tests were undertaken (more blood tests, another ECG, etc). I had no idea what had happened or what had caused this turn of events and no, it was not as a result of the Radiation treatment. 

What a cluster fuck, you would think that if a treating physician had a new patient the physician would obtain a copy of the patient’s health records to see what they were dealing with or at least liaise with the treating Oncologist

3/10/2020 (Saturday) – In the  AMU I continued to receive Oxygen at a flow rate of 4.0L/min, the fever had reduced and I was coherent. Oxygen satuation level was slowly increasing and I was responding to treatment – what ever that was. Once the COVID-19 test results had proved negative I was moved to the AMU Ward, this happened at 23:00hrs

Rounds Doctor, (Dr full of self importance) and his entourage came to see me around lunch time and he told Sandy and me that according to the current CT scans it looked like my Immunotherapy treatment was working very well and everything was looking good. He considered that the one round of Radiotherapy I had had would not have improved my condition at this stage (OH DOH! Really!) so it must have been the Immunotherapy and they will continue to monitor my condition??
Dr Self importance and co fluttered off to their next patient without producing any evidence (CT Scan-Radiology Report) to substanciate his statement.

Sandy and I were gob smacked to say the least, and tried to discuss what had just transpired with each other.

This Doctor had in two minutes flat totally contradicted everything my Oncologist had told Sandy and me – that shocked the shit out of me. Confidence in my Oncologist had just been shaken and left me feeling very emotive to say the least.
Meanwhile the ward nurse appeared and I asked her to ask the Doctor for a copy of the scan so Sandy and I could see the results for ourselves as we were dumbfounded by both his assertion and assessment of my condition. The nurse looked somewhat bewildered and said that we were legally entitled to a copy of the medical results (really!) and said she would have to ask the Doctor for a copy and left.

Sandy and I were in a state of disbelief not knowing what to think. Prior to Sandy leaving for the day I asked her to print out a copy of my Cancer Spreadsheet (Life After February – page five ) and bring it in with her the following day so we had documentation relating to all treatments, medications, side-effects, daily observations and other records including CT Scan Reports at hand to discuss with the Doctor during his next visit.
My cough was still persistant overnight and I didn’t get much sleep with one thing and another going on. 

4/10/2020 (Sunday) – A different Rounds Doctor (Dr well dressed) with a different entourage came to see me today to see how I was doing. Sandy and I told him what had transpired with the other Doctor the previous day in relation to my supposed wellbeing. I tried to show this Doctor my documentation to validate my concerns, he basically waved it away as he was not interested in looking at it. I then requested a copy of the CT Scan Report the other Doctor had referred to as I had not received a copy as yet. Consequently he sent one of his minions scurrying off to obtain a copy.

Meanwhile I was still trying to find out what caused me to be in hospital in the first place and what I was being treated for which was not forthcoming at that time.

When the minion appeared with the CT Scan Report we identified that the most recent (current) report had been compared to the initial CT Scan that was conducted in December 2019. WTF!!! No wonder Dr full-of-himself thought the Immunotherapy was doing such a great job.

What a cluster fuck, you would think that if a treating physician had a new patient the physician would obtain a copy of the patient’s health records to see what they were dealing with or at least liaise with the treating Oncologist.

As a consequence of this flawed report Sandy and I decided that all Cancer treatment that I was currently under and or scheduled for was to stop immediately (ie Radiotherapy Treatment) until this confusion had been sorted, because at this stage I did not know what to think and at the end of the day it is my life that these people were fucking around with and so far I was not feeling very comfortable with what I was hearing.

Particularly when Dr well dressed was saying that he thought the Radiology Treatment had made some improvements – more contradictions.

The Radiology Registrar came in to see me later in the day and asked me if I was going to attend the second of the Radiotherapy sessions that I had been scheduled for today. I gave her a brief account of what had transpired over the preceding days and I said that I was not attending any more sessions at this stage and I would be requesting a meeting with all parties concerned (my Oncologist and the hospital physicians) to sort this mess out and to ascertain exactly what my condition is supposed to be.
Because at this point I was second guessing all sorts of shit and was not feeling too good about it all.

I was moved to Level 6 (Renal and NEOL Ward) Ward 6 for continual treatment and observation. 

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