Life After – October 2020

8/10/2020 (Thursday) – Another good day at home. Radiotherapy number three today.
I was reflecting on my time in hospital today and it dawned on me that ever since I have had my cough (March to October) I had thought it was due to the cancer, slowly getting worse and worse, and consequently addressed it with my Oncologist and not my Doctor. I realised that the Oncologist treats the disease not the illness, whereas the Doctor would treat the illness and not the disease. Maybe I’m thick but it didn’t dawn on me that my cough may have been an illness i.e pneumonia , which it must have been because it was what I was treated in hospital for and consequently I currently do not have a cough and have not had a headache so-to-speak since being discharged. Moving forward I shall certainly be addressing any ailments with my Doctor and not the Oncologist…Lesson learnt!

9/10/2020 (Friday) – Still no headaches…bliss! Radiotherapy number four today.

10/10/2020 (Saturday) – Had a surprise call from a very old mate, John Storey, (good friend, one of those that you don’t speak to for years and when you do it is like it was yesterday).
Unfortunately John and his family have also been touched by cancer and consequently he is well aware of some of the issues I am currently dealing with.
We had a good conversation during which he shared some of the things that helped his wife Heather when she was undergoing Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer, and it was great just for the general support…thanks John.

11/10/2020 (Sunday) – Woke in the middle of the night with chest pain (Reflux/Heartburn) took some Pantoprazole Sandoz to relieve the pain and fortunately went back to sleep.
Sandy and I went for a drive through the Adelaide hills for a late lunch at the Stanley Bridge Tavern in Verdun where we met up with Debbie and Phil, what a pleasant afternoon.
The venue was applying good social distancing measures – all good. It was just so nice to be out in the fresh air and the drive back home with the roof down on the SLK was magic.

12/10/2020 (Monday) – Fifth round of Radiation Treatment today. Dr Kim (Radiotherapy Oncologist) explained what the rest of the treatment will look like and what to expect as a result of the existing regime.
He also gave Sandy and me a heads-up in relation to how the SCLC reacts to the Radiotherapy, apparently because SCLC is so aggressive and the cells split and mutiply so rapidly it also responds quickly to an aggressive radiotherapy regime i.e. 10 sessions over 10 days – end of treatment.

Non-SCLC and other cancers respond a lot slower and therefore have a longer treatment regime…who would have thought.
Still horses for courses I suppose.
Just have to wait and see if the outcome will be positive or not, next review with Dr Kim is on November 9, 2020 so will find out then. 

Walk along the esplanade seemed a bit tougher today.

Stanley Bridge Tavern – Verdun SA
Undergoing Radiation Treatment

13/10/2020 (Tuesday) – Shitty night last night didn’t sleep much at all – difficulty getting to sleep and then kept waking throughout the night. Rounds six and seven of Radiation Treatment today – Yup! double dose!!

14/10/2020 (Wednesday) – Had a good nights sleep last night but woke up extremely tired – go figure. Had breakfast and went back to bed, slept until Sandy woke me at 12:30hrs to get ready for my eighth Radiation Treatment.

15/10/2020 (Thursday) – Slept pretty well last night but woke up extremely tired again – stayed in bed until 11:30hrs. Attended for ninth Radiation Treatment. Middle of chest feels warm/hot.

 16/10/2020 (Friday) – Slept OK last night but woke up tired again – got up. Attended last Radiation Treatment (Number 10). Middle of chest feels warm/hot. Had a meeting with the nurse (Kim) to discuss what happens next, basically the effects of the Radiation treatment will peak in approximately 10 to 14 days. So we will see what we will see.

17/10/2020 (Saturday) – Slept OK last night but woke up tired again – slept in until 12:15hrs. Felt really weird when I got up and showered. After my shower I was all over the place, dizzy, couldn’t stand, tingling all over my body, difficult to breathe, cold, fatigued…felt absolutely crap – burst into tears…go figure. Took me two hours to eat breakfast. Rest of the day was really ordinary.

18/10/2020 (Sunday) – Slept OK last night, still tired – got up. Feel better than I did yesterday. Headache again. No appetite though.

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