Life After – March 2021

Who would have thunk! – 20 Cycles

01/03/2021 (Monday) – Had a good sleep. Feel OK. PN. Headache. Had blood tests done this morning (have to be tested prior to 09:00hrs because of a new test related to the Hydrocortisone Treatment).
Afternoon walk with Biggles and Sandy along the Esplanade.

02/03/2021 (Tuesday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN. Headache.

Sandy and I had a face-to-face consult with Dr Roy. He said the bloods are all good and we discussed the consult I had with Dr Vinod Aiyappan re: cough – which has now ceased.
Dr Aiyappan had ordered a CT Scan to be done prior to our next consult scheduled for March 25.  

Dr Roy ammended the scope of the CT Scan to include his requirements which Sandy booked for Thursday 18th March.
Immunotherapy Treatment continues and Cycle 21 Scheduled for March 23. 

I hate house hunting…

03/03/2021 (Wednesday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN. Headache.

Scott McPharlin from Magain Real Estate sent through the first draft of our “house sale” campaign.
Drove down to Victor Harbour to look at potential house/land package.
Felt very rubbish all evening took more Panadol prior to bed and the usual evening meds.

04/03/2021 (Thursday) – Slept well. Feel reasonable compared to last night. PN. No Headache today. 
Did the obigatory Esplanade walk with Sandy and Biggles.

Our house is on the market…Sad to say!

05/03/2021 (Friday) – Slept reasonably. Feel OK. PN. Headache is back.
Off to the Monarto Zoo today, meeting Debbie and Phil there, had a good day seeing the park via a bus and checking out the Meercats and Chimpanzees.

Our house went on the market today…online through Magain Real Estate and on the website.

06/03/2021 (Saturday) – Slept well. Feel OK. PN. Headache.
Melanie and Gail (two younger sisters) came over from Canberra for a short visit to say g’day.
Ended up going to the Serafino Restaurant in Mclaren Vale SA for lunch to catch up with Melanie and Gail, Iris and her partner Jonathan were also there.
Sandy and I were shouted lunch – can’t complain at that..the food was excellent and it was good to catch up with my siblings.

Felt a bit ordinary during the evening.

07/03/2021 (Sunday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN. Headache.
Caught up with Iris, Melanie and Gail for coffee this afternoon.
Have to say it felt a little sureal sitting and chatting with three of my sisters, all of which I have not had the closest of relationships with for more than the past two decades. Having said that it was nice to just sit and talk… 

08/03/2021 (Monday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN. Headache.
Did some more work on developing specific Raisebore KPIs with Westimage Pty Ltd.
Updated a “template” Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) and Work Health and Safety Environmental Management Plan  (WHSEMSP) for Integral Lighting Pty Ltd for the company to adapt/modify to suit their specific company needs. 

09/03/2021 (Tuesday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN. Consult with Dr Peter Allcroft (Paliative Care).  
Started working on a 12 month KPI plan for Westimage Pty Ltd.

10/03/2021 (Wednesday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN.
Sorted documents sent via email from Westimage from their Client for review in preparation to develop Safe Work Instructions and Training Materials.

11/03/2021 (Thursday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN.
Walked along the Esplanade at Moana Beach this afternoon while the Real Estate Agent took six groups through our house and two others via FaceTime. All commented on how well the house was presented (that was down to Sandy being so pedantic on ensuring it was presented in the best possible way).

12/03/2021 (Friday) – Slept OK. Feel OK. PN.
Finalising the 12 month KPI spreadsheet. Felt pretty ordinary during the evening – chest pain/heart burn/reflux and took Pantoprazole Sandoz to combat. Took the normal night medications prior to bed and slept pretty well.

13/03/2021 (Saturday) – Slept well. Feel like shit this morning. PN. Headache.
Completed the 12 month KPI spreadsheet, sent and discussed with Westimage Pty Ltd and have agreed to some modifications to remove the abilty to “weight” to final ratings.

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