Life After – May 2021

05/2021=Next Stage of Life!

01/05/2021 (Saturday) – Slept OK Last night. PN. Pain when inhaling has returned on taking a big breath will discuss with Dr Roy on Tuesday.
Finalised the matrix included “slicers” in the Summary Tab…works well – slicers are visual filters.
Using a slicer, you can filter the data in tables (or pivot table, pivot chart) by clicking on the type of data you want..

02/05/2021 (Sunday) – Had a disrupted sleep last night. PN. Pain in the left shoulder and bicep and when taking a big inhalation.

Went over to the rental today to orient Biggles (you know…let him have a wiz and a good sniff) and then went for a walk along the reserve situated at the end of the road (next to the house).

03/05/2021 (Monday) – Slept OK Last night. PN. Dr Aiyappan recommended I stop taking the Fluticasone Cipla (Inhaler) on Wednesday but it ran out last night, consequently I stopped last night. Will be interesting to see what difference that makes.

Sold our house and moving on to the next stage of our lives

04/05/2021 (Tuesday) – Felt pretty ordinary last evening but slept OK during the night. PN. Headache as always.

Finished editing the ‘Directions’ for the Training Matrix I developed using Slicers…All good to go!

Had my regular consult with my Oncologist, discussed my recent hospitalisation and outcome of treatment. He recommended I revert back to original dose of hydrocortisone now, which I will do.

Training Matrix – Using Slicers

Sandy asked Dr Roy how many other patients he had with SCLC, he said that the group had a number, and he was treating three, we asked how many others were at the same stage as I am relating to number of treatments, etc to try and get a feel for prognosis moving forward. He said NONE!
He then told us that the other patient’s SCLC had progressed, and were now on alternative treatments (one in palliative care and the other on a “new” trial…which is the one he recommended I go onto should I stop responding to the current treatment).

Seems like I am the only patient responding well to this particular Immunotherapy Trial…
writing the history books – woohoo!

23rd Immunotherapy Treatment today

Did some more work on the SWI development, workbooks and training modules up until my friggin MacBook Air shutdown unexpectedly – again. The motherboard replacement was supposed to have fixed that issue.
To say I am pissed off is an understatement.

05/05/2021 (Wednesday) – Had a restless night’s sleep last night. PN. Headache.

Back into the SWI development, workbooks and training module stuff for Westimage Pty Ltd until my MacBook shat itself again…got straight onto Apple Support and spent the next one and a half hours jumping through hoops to allow their technicians to identify why it keeps shutting down unexpectedly. WTF same issue I had in March and April; the Main Board was replaced on the 27thApril. So I am now waiting to see what Apple comes back with. I am so pissed off – I’ve never had any real issues with the other MacBook’s that I have owned but have had nothing but repeated issues with this one.

Not a happy chappie…muttergruntmumble!

06/05/2021 (Thursday) – Slept OK. PN. Headache.
Back into the SWI development, etc.
Felt like shit this evening, really bad headache and chest pain/reflux, took a couple of Panadol and Pantoprazole Sandoz to relieve the reflux prior to going to bed.

07/05/2021 (Friday) – Slept OK. PN. Headache.
Continued with the SWI development and Assessments, etc.

Went to the Thebarton Football Oval to watch Jaylan Play in his inaugural under 14yrs footy match (West Adelaide v South Adelaide). Jaylan’s team West Adelaide lost but they played pretty well each quarter was better than the previous…no doubt they will get better as the season continues. 

08/05/2021 (Saturday) – Slept OK. PN. No Headache.
Continued with the SWI development and Assessments, etc. Felt a bit shit this evening.

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