The Journey

01/01/2020  (Wednesday) – The Lung Specialist (Dr Vinod Aiyappan) reviewed the results of the scans, etc

02/01/2020 (Thursday) – Dr Aiyappan’s subsequent attendance and consult confirmed Lung Cancer with suspicion that it may have metastasized to the Liver…Oh Joy.

it only gets better! 

I then had a complex lung function test and a Bronchoscopy (Endobronchial Ultrasound) was performed to take biopsies.

The findings are listed below:

  • Right Lung Abnormalities. 
  • A medium sized nearly obstructing infiltrative and vascular legion was found in upper (R) Lobe
  • Extrinsic Compression was found in the light mainstem bronchus
  • The airway lumen is about 25% occluded
  • Widening was found at the carina
  • Many abnormal lymph nodes in the right lower paratracheal region, left lower paratracheal region and subcarinal mediastinum
  • Diagnosed as highly suspicious for malignancy

03/01/2019 (Friday) – I had a diagnostic imaging of the chest (lung field) by direct radiography and a CT-Bone scan or bone scintigraphy – nuclear medicine imaging technique of the bone. To diagnose a number of bone conditions, including cancer of the bone or metastasis.
The CT Scan of upper adomen and pelvis results confirmed Stage IV Small Cell Lung Cancer and potential metastasis to the Liver. 
Dr Aiyappan (the Lung Specialist) recommended an Oncologist (Dr Amitesh Roy) who came to see me the following day.

04/01/2020 (Saturday) – At my bed-side consultation with Dr Amitesh Roy – he introduced himself and proceeded to tell me that the diagnosis of Stage IV SCLC is confirmed, it is innoperable and incurable. The prognosis of life expectancy is three to six months if not treated… I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation.
I was thinking bullshit, inside of four days my life expectancy has gone from two to five years down to a matter of months…FUCK ME!
I asked him if he could talk to my wife as she was on her way in to see me.
He said NO as he had other patients to see.
I asked him if he could talk to Sandy on the phone to explain where to from here and again he said “NO – this needs to be discussed face-to-face and can be done in my rooms next week”. 

I felt absolutely discombobulated and dumbfounded

The Oncologist left my room and I was left to myself as I waited for Sandy to arrive, which she did about five minutes later and as soon as Sandy saw me she knew the news was not good.

Dr Roy arranged for a Bone Scan to be performed on the 06/01/2019 to identify whether the cancer had spread into the bones.

05/01/2020 (Sunday) – I was going to go home for the day and come back as an outpatient to have the Bone Scan done the following day, I had showered and was dressing, one leg in my jeans when a nurse came in and told me that if I was to leave and come back the next day as an out-patient the bone scan would not be done and I would have to wait about three months to have it done.

How does that work??

I could not for the life of me understand that one.
The nurse suggested that I remain in hospital and proceed as originally planned (Bugger…I nearly escaped) and of course I stayed.

06/01/2020 (Monday) – The whole body bone study was done as scheduled (still trying to get my head around how that works – in-patient vs out-patient) and the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan was completed to determine if cancer has spread to the Liver.

I was subsequently discharged and went home.
The results were to be discussed at the Oncologist’s rooms on the 09/01/2020.

09/01/2020 (Thursday) – Attendance with the Oncologist  –  Confirmed metastasis to liver – Sandy and I were shown my lung X-rays and could see that they were clear (normal) and we were told that if they (the doctors) had relied only on those X-rays I would have been given a clean bill of health, we were then shown the results of the PET Scan which showed the centre of my lungs, the bronchial tree and an area on the liver lit up like a Xmas Tree indicating where the cancerous cells were. 

What a shock it was to see that image – SCLC in all it’s glory

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    1. It was somewhat discombobulating to say the least, but at the end of the day it is what it is and there is nothing you can do about it other than take each day as it comes.

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